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Exegetical texts have a theological story to tell:

The theology was insufficient to instruct the book GOD OF ORIGIN, Bookelis, (April 2021), continuation and end: Preview Book 3.

The history of theology arose out of the Reformation of the Christian Church which mainly rejected dogmas. The theology comes from a Lutheran influence that appeared in the 16th century. Theology is no longer dogmatic. Vatican II, dogmatically speaking (I urge the visitor to consider all the contradiction), a later patristic* inspiration was to reinforce from within the learned Christian moralizing theses, and the works dealing with religion and spirituality.



Theologically speaking, we have little to say about it, if not to report the definition of the dictionaries, Le Robert: "1. DIDACTICS: Study, knowledge of the doctrine, and biography of the Fathers of the Christian Church. Synonyms: patrology. 2. Adjective: Which relates to the Fathers of the Church. - Great ! - it is also a new tendency, a "new-age", understood in the period of the Middle Ages, oriented on nature, the universe, magic, sin, and also on the spontaneous knowledge of the higher Divinity.

Much later, contemporary Gnostics were inspired by the latest trend, namely: it is enough to identify with a lamp, to become a "lamp". In fact, according to these enlightened ones, it suffices to identify with God in order to become God (p. 335). Let us return to this patristic one. The Fathers of the Catholic Church extracted from their own writings a teaching based on prohibitions promulgated by themselves: Sin is prohibited by the Church, the observation of heaven is prohibited by the Church, and for good reason: the law of Moses, etc. In this way, the Catholic Fathers confirm a radical ideology and a direct kinship with the said Holy Scriptures.


Bible Study: Exegetical Theology

Between contemporary theology associated with biblical exegetics and Christic theology, among others, our ebook, (2021), on the one hand, stands out from all texts and writings dealing with these subjects. What a pretension! Having said that, it would have been nice at times to find suitable documentation, if only for inspiration. Thus, a more relevant interpretation would have been presented.

We must recognize that it is not a reference to write without any external source corroborating his personal ideas. However, the error on the Second Creation Day is glaring. In fact, no Bible study regarding the first verses of Genesis has seen the light of day. The proof. No trace in popular literature. The unmistakable anomaly in the texts has gone unnoticed for millennia.

But let's think about it, nothing is unique in this vast universe, history bears witness to. Likewise on Planet Earth, similarities exist. Only, in the space of a breath, a life, you cannot know everything.

Now, with regard to Science and Religion, (Bible and Old Testament interpretation), the literature abounds: following a revolutionary discovery, (20th century), part of the scientific community has put forward the following hypothesis . The beginning of the universe was caused by a gigantic explosion, called the “big bang”. Religion, for its part, asserts that only God (biblical) is the Creator of heaven and earth.


Stephen Hawking

Contrary to the opinion of the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking without any criticism: I do not think that the sky and the earth, like the cosmos in its entirety, could have self-created of itself and hatched from nothing, without the help of a causal principle. A first cause was undoubtedly essential. But before creation is visible and palpable, that is, materializable.

In this third millennium, the supposed Creation of the biblical God, does not lead humanity to a reflection other than materialist, see exalted. In our time, archaeologists, historians, scholars, scientists, question the historicity of the Bible. As for the spirit which is also a divine part, non-existent in the vile individual, man or woman, the scientific affirmation prevails: the intellect, which can also be called “spirit”, is essentially a neuronal and therefore cerebral function. . It's true.

- Four years of research, study and reflection were necessary to produce the book GOD OF ORIGIN. In the main axes, we have targeted three essential points + two errors, (first part ebook), reported in the blog.

What interests us is of course the earthly ancestry of man and his beginning. But also its celestial origin, that is to say abstract, and so to speak divine, as regards the spirit and not the body. In other words, before the appearance of man on the surface of the Earth, earthly man and women, naturally constituted, without need of the (biblical) God the Creator.


Origin word God:

Next, let's learn that the origin of the word God comes from the Greek “Zeus”, which gives in Latin “Deus”, (to pronounce deous), meaning: “to shine”. It must be recognized that among Christians, and in human mentalities in general, the connotation of the name or the word, most often reasons in the singular and in the Masculine! May these details be useful to the visitor.


An androgynous Creator?

Let's ask a few questions: Originally, the nature of the Creator is androgynous? That is, "father-and-mother" at the same time? To find out, just take Asherah as an example. Obviously, the Bible does not say everything. Who is Asherah ? Let us briefly summarize its history taken from the sacred texts. Before Judaism, a goddess named Asherah was with Yahweh. But in the 6th century, King Josiah ordered all the Asherahs to be destroyed. Why ? Other, the Father in heaven, that of Jesus, is he the God Yhwh declared in the Scriptures?

Formerly, in distant times, the primitive creature, invented his divinities, was this the beginning of God? What is the cause of a Creator in the Bible? No doubt it goes back to the dawn of time. From then on, the creature must have felt a need to believe in something that was physically beyond her and above all that survived her after death.


God does not exist !

Currently the Faith is fading as progress takes hold in our lives. However, denying the existence of God does not exclude a reality other than the one we know on the physical and material plane. Isn't there a cause for everything. In fact, the Earth plane would depend on an extraterrestrial origin. Certainly, Humanity at present is voluntarily separated from the divine, and would hardly correspond to the archetypes of a higher Divinity or an original causal Principle, constantly interacting in the universes. But the die is cast: if there is a visible world. There is an invisible universe.

Believing or not is irrelevant. In our opinion, planet Earth is just a reflection of another world outside of matter. But not all will be able to benefit from the return to origin. Crime in all its forms takes place every day in the Four Kingdoms, Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human. All evil actions outside the circuit of elementary consciousness would not fit with the original designs or the archetypes of a supposed Creator.

However, other planes lower than the Earth would exist, let us also learn that each one will be judged by his actions. Let's unveil a secret here: At the Judgment, the main accuser may not be someone outside of yourself.

Also, let's add some guesses. During and after death, we might not know what happened to us. The idea of rediscovering one's identity, a hypothesis put forward and accepted in certain traditions, facilitating self-recognition, would seem erroneous. It is a personal opinion. In fact, when confronted with the reality of his actions, the risk would be to suffer without the possibility of fleeing, the sentence or the joy resulting from the future that awaits (us). But to say that the individual would manage to identify himself seems surprising. Who knows ?


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Archeology and History, modern discoveries.


In the beginning was the ”Big-Bang“ 

From our point of view, an initial cause, defying intelligence, however keen it may be, must have been involved. An indeterminate reason immensely prior to the 13.7 billion years or " big bang assumed by science. A primary consequence coming from an indefinable root outside of matter. Could the origin of this cause be, God, the beginning? God, not limiting neither to beliefs nor to religions.

According to modern science and the times of "Planck According to modern science and "Planck's" measure, the known universe was born, having reached the age of 10-43 seconds. At this point, the galaxy was infinitely small and could fit into the head of a pin. Only, despite the singularity of this revolutionary discovery for science, the time of "Planck" remains an arbitrary measure. The question remains: what was there before?

The birth of the universe, named "big bang" has also been named "the face of God" by astrophysicist "George Smoot". Link above. With the help of the Cobe satellite, he managed to take surprising pictures of the birth of the universe, as it appeared, 380,000 years after the "big bang". The expression "The face of God" has seduced a good number of people and has notably inspired writers of all kinds.

Now, what is their interpretation in this materialistic era? What does the demiurge in question represent? What idea do you have of Him? Nihilists say, “He doesn't exist! "What about the people of science? Have they determined a connotation with the divine and spirituality? If not, could there have been a higher mathematical principle ordering the known planets and the billions of other unknowns?


Before the “big bang”

Dear visitors, perhaps you will be interested to learn, that most of the atoms constituting the material body come from the stars with the exception of the hydrogen and helium produced by the Big Bang. You know it ? Maybe you will be interested to know more? The immaterial subtle body, support of the spirit, not limited to the intellect, would come from the origin of another universe devoid of matter. You do not know ? Rest assured, you are not the only ones! A macrocosm other than the one we know would exist.


An original cosmos

We could call this original cosmos "first cause". By way of speculation, this original cosmos would be more exactly the other hidden part of the Creator. One could assume that the hidden part is neutral. It would encompass and surpass all dogmas and all religions. The hidden part of God would outstrip any technological evolution that man would be called upon to make, as he progressed, on Earth and in space. And, even if the human race, deceived by its genius and its power, has long since separated from the divine, it would nevertheless, in the future, reach the height of unimaginable knowledge. But no directive, no prohibition, no punishment would come from the Creator or from the original sense.


Atheism, nihilism

We are not and we do not become a believer, atheist, nihilist, mythist, agnostic, without a reason, and without there being a cause. But one thing is certain, whether one affirms or denies the existence of a Divinity or a Creator of the universes, does not further predispose the individual to conceive of what is beyond him. Indeed, if an individual does not have the necessary mental and psychic baggage and this instinctive sensitivity (which we are talking about), he will not be able to feel, this "something" going beyond him physically. Afterwards, we'll name this "something" with whatever Name we want, it doesn't matter.


Demiurge and Science

What is the point of view of Science? In the tradition of Christianity, does the case of Christ, for example, square with scientific equations? To tell the truth, science does not ask the question. This is not his goal. Science must always advance in its knowledge and seek to understand the mechanisms aggregated to all things. Science also aims to discover the causes, which for it cannot depend on a demiurge. Will science one day unravel all the mysteries? What a paradox: God only knows!


Creationism and Evolutionism

Creationism supports the idea of a "Creator". However, creationism is no less naive, not to say stupid, since not only, it estimates that creation, including all forms of life, including the creation of man, is only less than 10,000 years old. But furthermore, he in no way seeks to interpret the abstract reality in Genesis.

Evolutionism, for its part, does not bother with the idea of a Demiurge to explain the creation and evolution of species. Evolutionism is based on scientific theories which tend to prove that procreative nature alone is the gestator of a variety of life forms. Thus, in Europe, we teach in school the evolution of species, as a scientific theory. Whereas for about 150 years in the United States, more particularly, there has ensued a controversy between creationism and evolutionism. Indeed, approximately 75% of Americans believe that God created the Earth and Man less than 10,000 years ago!


The hidden part of God the Creator

Previously, we speculated on the hidden part of the Creator. Well, without any particular speculation, with regard to our galaxy, for example, there remains the unknown part, the one that we do not see. Could this gigantic and invisible piece of the cosmos conceal a "first cause"? However, perhaps we could anticipate by starting from the following principle: if there is a visible world, is there one invisible? In this way and by deduction, one would come to say, if there is a known universe, there is an unknown one. So, is there an origin?



In the 21st century, while in its wake, Scientism attracts more and more people from all walks of life, proof, scholarly texts exist, despite everything, we are trying to find traces of God. This tendency or scientism appeared in the middle of the 19th century. It would be explained by the following statement: "Science alone provides knowledge and the only knowledge. As opposed to other doctrines and enlightenment. As religion asserts that the entire universe originates from the Creation of God alone. “


Andy Singer American cartoonist - scientism
Illustration : Andy Singer learned followers Scientism - Atheism as opposed to Religion.


Félix Le Dantec, (1869-1917), is in the line of scholars. He is a biologist and philosopher of science, and in a way, the inventor of "scientism", since he was the first to have described it in journals and books: "Science and conscience: Philosophy of the twentieth century": “I believe in the future of Science: I believe that Science and it alone will solve all questions that have meaning” (1908). Félix Le Dantec did not admit the existence of God, and he defined himself as an atheist.



Difficult to translate - The ebook partially featured in the blog is perhaps a little below the knowledge of scientists and biblical scholars. However, on both sides, the result of their work never refers to the sky, that element above our heads. Compared to works written by notoriously famous authors, our book, Guided by the Sky, offers a glimpse of some of the overlooked realities.

For example, Biblical Genesis has been the subject of diligent study for centuries, until the present day. However, at the beginning of Creation, the error of the Second day never called out to anyone. This is a minimal point, it matters, rather than seeking to literally interpret the two books of Genesis with down to earth ideas. The book GOD Of Origin, thanks to the sky, reveals much more.


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