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L´effroyable vérité


La Franc-Maçonnerie fonde son initiation sur la légende Hiram. Voici une interprétation vraie et inédite sur la légende Hiram, par Maurice Guinguand. L’auteur, écrivain ésotériste, était aussi un ancien Compagnon. La légende concerne David, roi d’Israël. A notre époque, on raconte tout et n’importe quoi, à commencer par la Freemasonry-. – Après avoir cliqué sur le précédent lien patientez quelques secondes s’il vous plaît. –


Roi David

King David, planning to build a Temple in honor of the Lord, had amassed immense treasures for this purpose. But, having strayed from the paths of virtue, the king admitted that he was unworthy of being assisted by the Lord in carrying out such a vast project. So the task was entrusted to his son Solomon.

The history of King David and the Temple of Solomon has given rise to questions for many archaeologists, scholars, historians, etc. Without further ado, let's learn about the legend of Hiram and understand once and for all "Everyone! "


Hiram the Blacksmith

“The Hiram legend was taken up by the ancient Companions and Freemasons, with the aim of achieving total mastery. Hiram was the founder that Solomon had commissioned so that he could build the Temple for the Lord. The Hebrews had no practical knowledge enabling them to apply the esoteric rules for architectural achievement, even though Jehovah had taught it and how to do it. So Solomon turned to Hiram, the founder, and the Queen of Sheba.


Extrait Livre des rois (7, 14) :

“Hiram, son of a widow from the tribe of Naphtali and of a Tyrian father who worked on brass. Hiram was filled with wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge to do all kinds of brasswork; he came to king Solomon and did all his works.

He made the two columns of brass, the first one 18 cubits high, and a string of 12 cubits measuring the circumference of the second.

(Likewise), two brass capitals to put on the tops of the columns.

(And), lattices in the form of networks, festoons shaped as a chain for the capitals which were on the tops of the columns and thus all the details of the construction. ”

“The Companion legend adds that one day Hiram, unwilling to reveal the secret of his mastery, was assaulted by three companions and stabbed. This is how he was put in the coffin and was then able to rejoin the original light. We obviously embroider a little more on a legend, and above all we add a whole series of deductions with a philosophical tendency. ”


Vérité au ciel

“La grande faute, et la principale, c’est qu’on oublie d’identifier la légende d’Hiram au ciel, car là est la vérité du message. On pense qu’il s’agit d’un personnage physique, historique et mythique. Mais cette légende n’est qu’une interprétation humaine du ciel, dictée par le ciel. Comment ?

Solomon, the young king, is the sun who goes on earth to trace the House of God for men. On the morning of spring, the Sun marks the renewal, it enters the temple of the earth and wants to sanctify its work. He starts to throw his rays, but he misses the edifice. That is to say the architecture or the celestial clues that will justify its race by consecrating it. Thus, Cassiopeia, the black queen, will appear in the sky, then Orion, son of Saturn, the founder, or Hephaestus, the blacksmith. It is then that in the sky will rise the two columns of the Temple * of the constellation Gemini, under the eyes of the stars of the Coachman. The latter was called: Iacchos, Maître Jacques, Iacoumètre ”.



Difficulty to translate: "The constellation of Orion is recognizable by its three stars in line forming" belt " (beaudrier) of his sword. He is also a warrior in other mythologies. Orion disappears from our sky in May and reappears in October. The three stars in line, ascending to the south, also represent the three wise men coming for worship at the manger. But Orion lying down, they also represent the three companions who kill the master, and this is the explanation for the murder of Hiram the founder.

Mastery formerly consisted of knowing how to transpose a myth from symbolic and operative elements according to a heavenly message. It was easy to find him if we had reached a certain light.

The Coachman was also the constellation indicating, near the Milky Way, the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. This is how for centuries pilgrims and companions followed him to find the light of the "Green Ray".

It is all the knowledge of the ancient Companions that can be read in the sky. Above Master Jacques is the constellation of the Big Dipper, it is called, in the 7th and 8th centuries, the Sarcophagus, qualifier of Arab origin ”.

Conclusion: We try to affirm or deny this or that biblical story, without knowing that some stories are legends inspired by heaven and dictated by heaven to men of good will.


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