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Preview 3. Paper book, (15.6 cm × 23.4 cm). Test. Bookelis editions. Author Puccio Pierre. Religion and Sciences. "A large volume, (530 pages), France. From now on, if the ebook could contribute to posterity, be useful to neophytes as well as to the most seasoned, I will take a vain consolation to the grave.

Without false modesty and far from equaling all the great authors mentioned in the bibliography, I had to document myself to support my own ideas without ever distorting or transforming anything.

It must be recognized that the initial sources reported in "italics" in a short or long extract remain authentic. - Only the theme, never published, “THE CREATION OF THE WORLD” By Maurice Guinguand, (Chapter 10), is natural. That is, according to the author's mindset, nothing was touched. -



  • The longest extracts are, first of all, those of the father “Alain Dumont”, of the esoteric writer “Maurice Guinguand”, of the biblist “Thomas Römer”, of the author “Christian Elleboode”, (civilization of 'Ugarit), "Leo Sheer", (The Epic Of "Gilgamesh"), etc. Then the words of "Jesus": "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! ", And others ... Finally, the conferences with the themes:" Judaism "; “God and science”; “Scientists and Religion”; "Mars-One", etc., helped refine research and gain insight into trends in general. The reader will judge.
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GOD OF ORIGIN Bookelis April 2021


Religions teachers

However, scholarship is exceptional on both sides. Indeed, whether they are theorists, Jewish Rabbis, members of the Catholic Church. - Professors of religions, exegetes, philologists, biblists, pastors, writers, historians, philosophers, (creationists less). Evolutionists, astronomers, astrophysicists, chemical physicists, biologists, scientists, etc. - I felt small and helpless in the face of this great erudition, culture, knowledge, philology, omniscience, etc.

  • But, should I keep quiet under the pretext of not being a scholar? So, I got started! So much is ignored by the elite, and for "good reasons!" ". The first good reason might alert the reader. Let’s wish that he could establish a link with the sky.


Holy Scriptures
  • The study of the Bible is present in the first part, and for good reason, the Scriptures are prone to errors. Saint Jerome, the translator of the Vulgate, committed a great disaster, no offense to his followers. First of all, one would tend to forget, originally, the Scriptures are Hebrew. Therefore, although Jesus was born a Jew, you will learn moreover why and how he could have been born elsewhere, his teaching scandalizes the doctors * of the law. Therefore, they looked for a way to kill him. Paradoxically, the latter, the scribes and the mandarins confirmed, regardless of their will, the Scriptures. - * The terms Doctors and Scribes are specific to the time. This is how the holders of the Law were called. -

Indeed, according to the words of Jesus, the Scriptures had to be fulfilled. Following this first approach, the reader might wonder? How could the teaching of Jesus be taken as a continuation of the Exoteric Religion of Hebrew origin? Perhaps there was a misinterpretation of Jesus' words, and later, surely, a gross error of the fathers of the Catholic Church. Let’s face it: Jews today are still waiting for their Mashia’h (Messiah). Therefore, the statement called "Nostra Aetate" of the Catholic Church, sorry to say it, is in part, totally false, on the points mentioned in this book.


Christ Redemption of Sins

This book allows us to review our beliefs. I learned a lot myself. The Redemption that Christ brings benefits only those who are aware of good and evil. Currently, our society, sufficiently tested, since January 2020, undergoes new attacks. As for mutilations on horses and cattle, acts equally unspeakable. - A neighbor confided in me that she suspected a kind of sect driven by a quirky vengeful ideology working in absolute evil. - It goes without saying that the perpetrators of this barbaric violence are outside any circuit of conscience.


Global Pandemic

At the crossroads .. A dark period, thousands of deaths, an unfavorable situation memorable for all. We deplore the non-actions of the French government and the lies declared to the nation. It's a shame. President "Emanuel Macron", more a refined and cultivated dandy, than a head of state, having a sense of values, anxious to preserve the lives of citizens, is no less than a "puppet", provided with 'a carelessness and an indifference without limit. However, he is not the only one responsible. There is a whole system that revolves around him.

The President of the French Republic depends on a system that surrounds him.

However, he had all powers?

Wasn't he the "S A N O F I" President?


We speak in vain about God

A lot of questions are pouring in. Is God responsible for the global pandemic? According to some, the book of Job illustrates the calamities that afflict our society. Men, women, and even small children are hardly spared. Is it His Will? In fact, we are far from the Truth.

  • Soon, we will present a page extracted from the book and entitled: To the victims and to those who remain. In our opinion, the (supposed) Creator God has nothing to do with all the woes that affect the world or the earth plane.

It has been centuries since much of mankind broke away from a supposed Creator. The wall of the modern world, enclosing the individual, would consolidate as materialism progresses, constantly moving him away from the divine. Thus, ignoring a Higher Deity, ruling the universe and worlds, which one hardly needs, one would unconsciously project oneself into a future void of meaning.

  •  The proof: with the exception of religious congregations which each pray in unison in their own language, for the good of all, no government, no notorious, journalist, or ordinary citizen thinks of launching a call to universal prayer to minimize , and this, until the spread of the coronavirus which still affects a large part of humanity ceases. We are voluntarily separated from the divine.


Religious Perverts!

  • Male and perverted religious under the authority and protection of the Catholic Church are growing in number every year. They too position themselves on the fringes of the Redemption that Christ brings. Unbelievers at heart, these lustful individuals are on the same level as the criminals. But whether it be here or in the next world, a day will come when they will be held to account.



I did not know the mythist current. After a brief documentation, for once, I was able to fill in the subject. The reader will be drawn beyond the restricted perimeter of the thought of mythism. In other words: the mythist works in the Cartesian sense of the term. In his obscurantism, he literally interprets many texts, gleaning here and there information that can corroborate his popularizing ideas. But, without ever participating, in a higher thought, allowing him to see the tip of the iceberg, which he does not see.


Divinity - Science - Religion
  • Nonetheless, I have been able to establish as many times as Heaven permits a parallel with Divinity, Science and Religion. Needless to say, I haven't pulled anything out of my sleeve! The initial theme, the “Mars Project” (last chapter), made it possible to spread wings to document it. The first chapters, (except Chapter II), set out some of the findings that I found relevant to Bible research. Among other things, thanks to modern archeology.

For the rest, my modest knowledge - no embarrassment, to admit - has been considerably increased by the works and publications of the esoteric writer "Maurice Guinguand". Even more, thanks to unpublished studies on Creation and Genesis.

The esoteric author "Maurice Guinguand" was kind enough to leave many sources at my disposal on the condition that nothing is distorted or transformed. For example, the legend its interpretation will not leave the reader indifferent. This concerns the temple of Solomon. Many speak of it, affirming its existence, praising its riches and its grandiose architecture. It's true.


Phase 1

  • The first part of the book focuses on the Historicity of the Bible: Saint-Jerome, Genesis, (chapter 10): Comparative-Table-Genesis-Gilgamesh, Creation, the Bible. Likewise, Religion, Judeo-Christian culture, the History of Israel, the Mashia’h of the Jews, Judaism and Christianity, but also the obscurantism of the Fathers of the Church, Belief, etc. See also the plural of Elohim meaning the gods.

Phase 2

  • The second part deals with scientific fields: the appearance of man, celestial and terrestrial origin, Demiurge and Science. On the one hand, the three main worldviews: Fixism, Lamarckism, Darwinism, and on the other hand: Creationism, Evolutionism, Agnosticism, etc. Finally, the last chapter concerns the Mars project. This theme: The Conquest of Space was written during the first four months of 2017, with no subsequent edits, except for a few additions in the course of 2020. Yes, the end was written at the beginning. Besides, wouldn't it be at the end that we find the beginning? Who knows !


First section:

First, the Historicity of the Bible, Saint-Jérôme, what the creation of the world could be, the idea of creating divinities, the idea of a single demiurge, reference to Judaism, and the belief in a only god. However, other traditions that predate Akhenaten, and later Abram, worshiped unique deities. Then there were the Three Monotheistic Religions known worldwide: Judaism, Christianity, Islamism.

  • Attention: Islam has been flown over. On the one hand, because it is a recent religion based in part on the Hebrew Bible - the one of interest here - with, however, its course of action and its many variations. And on the other hand, because, apart from the Faith animating all the peoples of the Earth, the cultures, the practices, the rituals remain in their Principle intimately linked to customs and to heredity. In addition, the ceremonies, the rituals can differ in a personal way of seeing. Of course, it all depends on orientation and individual choice.

So to clarify in a few words, my thought, let's learn that there are solar and lunar religions. Female deities are paramount in Eastern religions like Brahmanism, and the Virgin in Islam, rather than the sun or Jesus in Christianity.


Let's recap:

The first section of the manuscript published by Bookelis begins with the New Covenant brought by Jesus compared to Judaism which is still awaiting its Mashia'h (Messiah). Other, since Mesopotamia, Summer, Abram, the revelations are numerous. We study Genesis, the first book of the Torah, and the glaring error on the Second Day of Creation, does not go unnoticed, thanks to the sky present in the book. Then, Adam and Eve, Noah, the revelations are numerous. As with Moses and Aaron his brother, the discoveries reach their peak. I would have liked to talk about Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, she was called Prophetess. But none of his prophecies are mentioned in the Bible! This is hardly surprising!

  • - Difficulty in translation. In this book, I have tried to trace back to the very origin of the Creator, who could not be uniquely male and celibate. The uniqueness of his Name is perhaps representative of true reality. But what is it really? If this was the reality in the Bible, then the real truth would surpass all dogmas and all religions.

The second section deals with the topics: The Appearance of Man on Earth * from the point of view of Science and as opposed to Religion. Then again Genesis. This time, Creationism and Evolutionism. Likewise, agnosticism, etc. We are also interested in scientific fields and everything that derives from them, or almost, we speak of "Creator and Science" by exposing the testimony of "famous people!"


Scientific community

  • We can't help but report an excerpt from “To End God With God”, (The God Delusion), (2006) By Richard Dawkins:. A famous writer. In this prodigious book, the thinking of the scientific community reflects the Cartesian and agnostic state of mind. Unless of course you share the same trend. You will judge.

In this example, it is a question of knowing, what is the opinion of scientists about the existence of God. In the scientific community, some admit that they cannot say whether God exists or not since most scientists do not have any proof to pronounce on his existence. And for good reason.

Science has concluded that belief in a supreme being is about the faith and personal beliefs of an individual and him alone. However, at the risk of making the idea even more abstract, the mind of a scientist being what it is, in this example, it sheds light on a probability - as opposed to a certainty - concerning a teapot in orbit. !

At first glance, the following proposition might seem silly, but it is relentless. The meaning given illustrates well the thought of scientific questioning.


Agnostic Thesis

With the agnostic thesis mentioned below, one will go far in knowledge with such lights! henceforth with regard to the existence or not of God, Supreme Being, we will have our little idea of the reasoning which produces scientific thought in all its splendor!

The balanced thought of the chemical physicist - friend of Richard Dawkins - Peter Atkins: "We must be just as agnostic to the theory that there is a teapot orbiting the planet Pluto. We cannot prove the contrary. But that does not mean , that the theory that there is a teapot is on the same level as the theory that there is not. "


Is Jesus the Lord?

Other themes, “Jesus is God? The Lord ? A higher Deity? ” ; "The non-neural mind is in the image of Divinity"? ; "Not all are in the image of God". Another theme, the last chapter: "Project-Mars". Man ignores the divine (scientism) in his research. His genius makes him superior to a supposed creator. Speaking of grandeur, “Elon Musqc” and his crazy projects! In an uncontrolled momentum, the man plans to colonize the Red Planet. When will the “living in space?” One day come, following various inevitable transformations in genetic engineering, as well as in spaceships.


Genetic engineering :

  • Astrophysicist "Stephen Hawking" clarified the scope of such a breakthrough, in a video documentary: « Once upon a time in the cosmos ». It has been reported in this book, in the year 2020, some excerpts. The advancement of science in many fields will undoubtedly make it possible to design and develop, both spacecraft, and to perfect human genetics. Science will acquire unparalleled know-how. However, history will have to be rewritten.



Armed with these few essential information, we invite the visitor to continue reading.

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