Nuns sexually abused in the Catholic Church

Sexually abused nuns

Sexual abuse practiced in the Catholic Church, such as violence against women, both in secular homes and in religious congregations. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly innovated in 1993, the Declaration on the elimination of violence against women. The #MeToo movement participates .


Nuns sexually abused - Catholic Church
Nuns sexually abused - Catholic Church.


(UN) violence against women

In order to raise awareness and participate in the strengthening of the #MeToo movement, as for nuns around the world, victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, you can i nform yourself. Each person, in their own way, can help support and encourage nuns around the world. We hope that many will denounce the alleged perpetrators of sexual abuse.

From the Vatican, organized networks exist. Members are cracking down on old and new victims who have recently arrived to continue their education. How many young nuns around the world are sent by their communities to the Vatican to complete their studies? Most of them, virgins and wishing to remain so, in order to strengthen communion with God. This is a personal choice and arguably a strict course of action to follow.


There is so much to do

Everyone can wish for an ecclesiastical evolution so that the woman is considered no less equal to the man. However, in the patriarchal environment where the Catholic Church is positioned, everything has to be done or redone. According to the Scriptures, the man is already considered a demigod compared to the woman. The weight of a so-called Sin, fraught with consequences, weighs on her. In fact, the privileges granted to males, always according to the Scriptures, (absurd in my opinion), give wings to the clergyman, the Priest, the deviant Bishop identifying himself with God, for the sole purpose to acquire even more Power. In this way, he directs his flock as he pleases and as he sees fit. ...


Freemasonry- Rome V. City

It is clear that since Vatican II, the Church is no longer strictly speaking "Catholic", since it has become mainly ecumenical. Since 1962, slowly but surely, Vatican II has significantly deviated from the trajectory of the Catholic Church of yesteryear. When will the climax come with all the media scandals? In our time, pedophilia is in the news. The sexual abuse practiced by religious without Faith, flouting the sacred and the divine within the Catholic Church, will be more and more disclosed to the public in the years.

All these regrettable and irreversible facts for the victims in particular, in reality reinforce a common plot orchestrated by senior Freemasonry leaders, aiming in the more or less long term, the completion of Catholicism. But, what could be more Machiavellian * than tainting and participating in a long-term project, from within, to discredit the Catholic Church? We do not stand up for criminals, priests and pedophile fathers. We do not share either, the sexual abuse, practiced on nuns.


Priests Without Faith

Despite very thorough studies, hermetic are they, in the Name of "The Lord", priests without Faith, and religious of all categories. But, a day will come when each according to his rank, will have to be accountable. No one will escape!

The vows include: “Obedience, Poverty, Chastity”. But lust, malignity, perversity prevail among a large number of male religious thirsty for diverse sexuality. "In the Name of God", which they scorn - with impunity (they think), since they are outside any circuit of consciousness, they exercise a quite relative power.

It is true that it would be easier to do evil than to do good. But, these are servants of God! they are representatives of Christ on Earth. Well no ! they are above all men, and of the worst ilk, in the same rank, as the criminals.


Rome V. City

In Italy, one in three young men, prone to depravity or prostitution, is urged by the family, when there are relatives, to begin studies at the Vatican, with the aim of becoming a priest. Subsequently, with the intellect helping, through so many years of study, how many of them, despite everything, become formidable predators, able to skillfully subdue potential prey? Whereas others, dependent on another tendency, and just as deviated, remain willingly submissive? Homosexuality is proven in the Catholic Church.


Predators in the Catholic Church

When it comes to predators, they know how to argue and convince. They thus manage to submit their victim. They know how to adopt the right attitude, anticipating the desired effect. Their ordinary, even coarse, malignancy grows stronger between them.

In the barnyard made up of patriarchal males, happy are they, the lustful buggers, exchanging among themselves, and solemnly, their next crime. Conquerors do they feel, at their leisure, ready to influence, manipulate, and lead the most malleable as they please. In fact, these clever devils, in principle, know how to reach the sensitivity of the novice nun, deprived of a sufficient respondent.

In most cases, unfortunately, the novice nun would not be able to push back, sometimes the advances, sometimes the first touching. At that moment, the abused nun would rather take refuge in her bruised soul. Yet such a two-penny scenario, and so crudely interpreted, by a pervert in a cassock should betray his impure intentions from the outset.

Certainly ! but, more surely, for someone on the outside, outside of religious conditioning. In fact, for a person outside the religious life, this kind of behavior, on the part of a priest or a father of the Church, would immediately be judged not very Catholic. In most cases, someone outside of monastic life would see him coming, the lustful religious. But, sheltered behind ramparts, the influence exercised is more than striking for a large number of nuns. ...


Submissive nuns

It must be said that even before entering monastic life, many nuns are already in part morally submissive and disciplined. It is the soul who wants this or if you prefer, this is the reason of the nun. It is a voluntary and carefully considered acceptance. The majority of nuns ardently wish to devote their lives to God and they also wish to help the poorest. Gradually indoctrinated, Catholic morality will seal the intimate conviction of the nuns. The teachings of their Fathers, perceived as “holy men”, will be received, through them, as the word of God. Other points should not be overlooked.


demigod man

The presence of the priest, and therefore of the man, also perceived as a man-god, would greatly intimidate the nun and facilitate psychological control. In addition, the presence of a perverted dominant male would be increased by his dress - which does not make the monk - and would reinforce the impression and the patriarchal aspect of the sad lord.

Difficulty translating: Moreover, the learned speeches of priests without Faith, arguing in the Name of God and of Christ! would increase confusion in the target person. The nun, already a little submissive, according to her own concepts, would nevertheless be confronted with a severe test. At such times, the Faith might falter, as dread gives way to deep dismay. There would then be no more obstacle to take advantage of its prey. However, it must be said. High and loud ! the conduct of a religious animated with a directed lust, with a view to possessing others is a moral, mental, and spiritual violation.


 » Michelle-France Pesneau « 

It is an unforgivable blasphemy and fraught with consequences as you can discover through the Redemption of Christ. As part of a documentary broadcast on Arté France. The testimony of ex none, above, provides information on the methods and arguments used. We did not find a video in English. Conclusion: To justify his actions, one of the two priests used to conclude by saying to him: "I am the little instrument of Jesus".

Worse, to justify his actions, a priest used to conclude by saying: "I am the little instrument of Jesus" .



Submission is king in the Catholic Church, and has been for decades. At first glance, one would think that the ex-nun, Michelle-France Pesneau, had a choice. She could have decided to leave, especially over such a long period. But, to understand his non-action, one has to imagine the state of mind that animated this person for years. A novice, she decides to enter monastic orders by dedicating her life to God and for the good of all beings. The person is simple, therefore naive, and the patriarchal environment is fully felt as submission.

Under these conditions, the interior context of a convent can also be combined with the family environment in which the person has been educated. Education received in the family environment where the father is recognized as the head of the family, while the mother remains submissive to her husband. In conclusion, at that time, pure and hard morals were reinforced by The Holy Scriptures and by the Paulian influence: "... Wives be submissive in everything to your husbands! “. We find this absurd cermon in the sacred bonds of marriage. Let’s think about it.

Following a complaint from a German priest, the documentary Arté (France) was the subject of a request for deletion.

Anyway, in the other world, "devils of priests" that you are! denying it, there is no room for lying. Shortly before, and especially after death, the Relentless Truth will be what it will be. And, despite your deceit. For having gone astray. And above all, for having abused others. The Truth will appear!


How much more, for criminals and religious! at the same rank are they.


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