Yahweh and his wife Asherah

In ancient times, the Goddess Asherah was the wife of Yhwh. With Judaism Asherah disappears. The Bible does not say everything except that King Josiah gave the order to destroy all Asherahs , 6th century. However, the goddess Asherah or the Eternal-Feminine surely helps to approach the real nature of God and his Principle. In addition, let us learn that Yahweh has at least strange origins.


Destruction of all Asherahs
Judaism removed Asherah from center stage.


Why was Asherah separated from Yhwh's side?

The visitor is invited to go to You tube, to find out who the Goddess Asherah is, and why and how she was separated from Yhwh. To inform the subject, in France, we have a great specialist in the Bible: Thomas Römer: Asherah. On the Anglo-Saxon side, William G. Dever , also provides information.

Complementary to the documentary and from our point of view. We can say that the sky has been swept from our vocabulary. But heaven would allow us to find this original God. The proof: Judaism has removed the Goddess Asherah from center stage. Let’s not forget that “Yhwh” the biblical god is unique.

Anyway, God (of whom we have no idea) "IS" from all Eternity, He is not limited to Religions, He is prior to Creation, therefore before the "big bang" advanced by a party of the scientific community.

Indeed, part of the scientific community assumes that the "big bang" is the beginning of the universe. But in its Cartesian logic, does Science ignore God or a principle superior to man?


Ignorance of the sky

Now let’s outline some of the main themes of the book GOD OF ORIGIN. In the Old Testament, the law of Moses forbade observing the sky so as not to unravel its hidden mysteries under pain of anathema. This is one of the reasons why, unlike the Egyptians, and Christ the Future, the Judeans wanted an unidentifiable god. The fathers of the Catholic Church, scrupulous and applying the Scriptures to the letter, followed in the footsteps of Moses. They approved of the so-called divine punishment and permeated mentalities with it.

However, the faithful, and by consequence, the laity, have remained in ignorance of "God" as of a "Causal-Principle" governing the universe and the worlds. Conditioned by the Scriptures under the authority of the Church, no one thought of questioning the exclusively Masculine nature of God. To the detriment of the Feminine and Heaven, yet omnipresent in the many ancient documents that the Church possessed.


The tradition of Christianity

It seems to be ignored, but the tradition of Christianity originally included the Feminine in its teaching and it also referred to Heaven. This is an important point to remember. Jesus is living proof of this. Only the Fathers of the Catholic Church, modeled on the patriarchal spirit of the Old Testament, shaped a religion according to their view. Ultimately, they were careful not to introduce the feminine and celestial aspects.

We don't think about it, but the ignorance of the sky, this element above our heads, has impacted a large number of people. We always fear death, even if it is a legitimate and human feeling. The fear of the millenarian is as strong as in the year 1000, etc. In other words, progress has not helped.



Without any particular religious connotation, Heaven is a guide. The sky is a tool for anticipating the future of a tradition. It also makes it possible to determine with exactitude the succession of eras, included in an Era of an approximate duration: 2160 years. The sky helps to locate in time, ancient civilizations, dynasties, clans, sects, which were inspired by it. The latter were able, through a language formed by images, to express their cosmogony, thus leaving traces to posterity.

Comparatively, there is no trace or vestige of knowledge of the Hebrews. Archaeological research and epigraphic research have provided nothing more. The Hebrews left only what was subsequently transcribed into books or messages which can only be dated according to the historical probabilities contained in the "Book Of Kings".


The Resurrection of Jesus

Heaven provides information on the beginning of the process of the Resurrection of Jesus. Contrary to the opinion of great thinkers with the Cartesian tendency, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus left their mark. At Golgotha or Mount of Calvary under the gaze of God the sky drew a mandorla during the Crucifixion of Jesus ...

The GOD ORIGIN book is in two parts. Broadly speaking, the first part deals with the Bible and Religion, the second with Science and Religion. Without sectarianism, but rather to favor Western thought, we chose the Christ path, in search of this original God.


But that's not all.

The book, GOD OF ORIGIN, stands out in the following few major areas:

Glory to God in heaven.


Is it a liturgical song?

  1. First of all, the sky is present in the work, certainly, not in the infantile way, like the song: "Glory to God in the sky". However, this liturgical song and a message of Love and Peace, honoring the Most High, whatever the Name. -

If you wish, you can listen to the compilation in its entirety by clicking on the link below in french or All Glory to God in the Sky. Whatever your choice, all songs pay homage to God in Heaven. All Glory to God in the Sky


"Alliance vocal ensemble" - Glory to God in Heaven: :

With regard to the book GOD OF ORIGIN, it fills many gaps for which no semblance of a convincing answer has been given by representatives of the Religion. These, mainly the Fathers of the Catholic Church, attach more importance to the Scriptures and to historical figures, than to the origin, which could be abstract, therefore, celestial.


Mythological stories

  • 2. Contrary to the opinion of modern exegesis in general, and from our point of view, mythological accounts sometimes explain the origin of a sacred text or a biblical story. For example, the Temple of Solomon and the legend of Hiram - the link below provides precise detail on the history and legend of Hiram. For the rest, unfortunately, the Freemasonry current has taken hold of this legend, interpreting it literally.


Solomon's temple

  • 3. There is no trace of Solomon's temple, even though it might have existed. And, even if a few die-hard die-hards claim otherwise, there is evidence to back it up. No vestige belonging to the time of Solomon, any more than before, to the time of King David, his father, has to this day been able to confirm such assertions. But, it was without counting the help of the professor, Avraham Biran, From Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. Link Tel Dan stele. Still, the interpretation of "Maurice Guinguand" sheds new light on the subject. Far, from all that could be embroidered and woven on the legend of Hiram!



  • 4. In our time, Freemasonry boasts of being able to explain the initiatory journey of Hiram. She has granted herself, her principle, according to her. With the aim of advancing the recipient -beginner-Freemason- degree after degree, until the final master's degree. You can already get an idea of Freemasonry bragging and the legend of Hiram, by performing a search on Google or on the engines of your choice.

However, neither Freemasonry, nor most people, proud to think-believe, interpret the legend of Hiram, have in fact ever touched on the truth about Hiram. So, in our turn, to say loud and clear, at the expense of the great scholarship of illustrious authors. The origin of the legend of Hiram is above all heavenly. Here is a proof of the ignorance of the sky.


Maurice Guinguand

  • 5. To support our point, let us report an excerpt from the book, GOD OF ORIGIN, (-chapter. 13-), legend of Hiram. By Maurice Guinguand, esoteric writer, (1916-1998). The visitor will be able to get an idea of the real meaning of the story of Hiram.

We owe the interpretation to the knowledge of the esoteric writer "Maurice Guinguand".

He was also a former Companion.


Legend of Hiram

In this blog, you can discover the Truth about the legend of Hiram through the interpretation of the esoteric writer, Maurice Guinguand. The interpretation is rare of a knowledge that we do not have or that we will never have. Especially in our time at the rate things are going ...

Archeology has combed the land of Israel for clues that may have enabled it to find traces or remains of David's Palace and Solomon's Temple to no avail.

But, if archeology had had any notion of the sky, and the knowledge to interpret it, it could have been spared such long and painful research. Over time, as research has proved unsuccessful, archeology has deduced that Solomon's temple is a myth. It's a beginning …


Biblical Revelation
  • What Is the Doctrine of Revelation?. The Bible is considered the word of God. The book, GOD OF ORIGIN, reveals, precisely, how and by what process, ignored by all or almost, the Revelation was envisioned and applied. Subsequently, this idea of revelation was instilled in the minds of laymen, without any notion. So that they believe and repeat like parrots, which others now say with equal certainty. The Scriptures come from the “Word of God”. Is the Bible the Word of God?. God, of whom no one knows anything. Often, we believe in the only truth of our convictions. Thus, the need to believe would prevail over knowledge. To believe that the Bible is the word of God may be an act of faith, but outside of belief and religion it does not mean anything.


God Supreme Divinity

  • 7. With regard to God supreme divinity, one could think, that this “God” of origin would not be limiting, neither to the Scriptures, nor to the Religion. In addition, He would be far removed from human impressions. We have no idea. The Bible was in part necessary to make the book, up to a certain point. Indeed, the Bible reaches its limits when it comes to answering other questions. For example, would the earthly world be the sole repository of a divine message? Are there other worlds?

- On the possible existence of other worlds and if the Freemasonic thesis interests: Who is the great architect of the universe? If the theses of Jordano Bruno On the Infinite, the Universe and the Worlds. On these questions, the Bible remains silent. However, the universe is immeasurably so vast that Science does not know its dimensions. Also, with giant telescopes ever more sophisticated, scientists are seriously considering other worlds of existence. Seth Shostak, is of the number - have come to the conclusion: there is extraterrestrial life elsewhere.


In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the

  • 8. Before starting research, before clearing a path, there must be a beginning. From now on, let's orient a new path, a more direct path. Now, let's try to shed all the light on the biblical God and his (presumed) beginning. To do this, the original version of the Hebrew Bible[1] is ideal.

First verse of the Bible, in Hebrew: "Bereshit bara Elohim et ha shamaïm vé et ha éretz".

First verse of the Bible, in Hebrew: « Bereshit bara Elohim et ha shamaïm vé et ha éretz ». First verse of the Bible, translated: "In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth".

According to Marc Halevy: Please note: the translation of the paragraph is approximate. Mainly after the suspension points "..." "In its most literal translation and closest to classical Hebrew, the first verse of the book of Genesis, which is generally translated as:" In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth ", must be translated correctly by: “In a beginning He begat gods with heaven and with earth. "We quickly understand that there is more than a nuance here ... There is a polytheism radically foreign to the monotheistic mold. It is contradictory, but in this way, rabbis and Christians, wanted to force in the textual material of the Levitical writings. "

This is a personal opinion: But still, Marc Halevy, tends to be known, with his book: “Cosmological Kabbalah. Six days for a world ”[2], the alliance of scientific Cartesianism and biblical exegesis does not always produce the desired results. However, the translation of the first verse of Genesis is very interesting.


The Holy Scriptures

According to the Holy Scriptures, God is the creator of the sky, of the earth, and of the whole. The two accounts in Biblical Genesis converge in this sense. In this case, let us learn that in the Hebrew Bible, the name « Elohim[3] "- preceded by the name" Adonai ", refer to Genesis 2: 16-17: "Adonai Elohîm (translated as The Eternal God) gave an order to the human being, saying. "Of any tree in the garden, you will eat ...[4] » - is one of the names most commonly used to refer to the God of Israel in the singular. According to the Rabbi and theologian Jonathan Magonet, (page 294), “Elohim is the plural of one of the words, sometimes used to mean gods. "



[1] Not to be confused with the Hebrew Bible retracing the life of Jesus and his apostles. This Bible was exempt from the two accounts of Genesis, which we discover at the outset, before the Old Testament, in the Christian Bible.

[2] Marc Halevy, “Cosmological Kabbalah. Six days for a world ”, (2013).

[3] "Elohim is an indisputable plural meaning" the gods "(plural of Elohéh, the" deity ", which is the abstraction of El, the" god "). Marc Halevy: "Les mensonges des Lumières" (French) Paperback - April 6, 2018.

[4] Literal translation: And Adonai Elohim commanded the human, saying: "Of all the trees in the garden eat you will eat. But from the tree of knowing good and bad, you will not eat it because on the day you eat it, die you will die. "


Explanation 1.

Comparatively, most of the writers specializing in Religion or not, whether they are commentators with biblical tendencies, without any qualification, therefore neophytes. Or theorists, theologians, Jewish Rabbis, members of the Catholic Church - professors of religions. Exegetes, philologists, biblists. Pastors, writers, historians, philosophers, (creationists less), evolutionists - none of them ever refer to the firmament.

For example : What is the origin of God? on a search engine, for example Google, what results? Most people emit ideas or certainties about God, but never allude to the firmament. The sky. If you don't mind, go to the relevant page, by the link, above.

This demonstration (link above) is limited to the first three results present on the first Google page. Everyone is free to review all the pages. But ultimately, whether it is the first or the last page, we will quickly realize that no commentator, emphasizing his presentation, with a lot of Bible verses, had the idea of refer to heaven. In any case, for the question: What is the origin of God? It must be recognized that no commentator seeks to place God in his original context: Heaven.

"But even if we could imagine 'God' in heaven, in life, and as a whole. We cannot remove heaven from the language that allows us to find this original God .


Freemasonry bases its initiation on the Hiram legend