Divinity of god

Jesus Intermediary

The divinity God could be explained. To do this, we need an intermediary. Jesus seems to be directly concerned. What is your opinion? In fact, the refusal to believe in the physical Jesus, in the emanation of God in him, raises a contradiction among both Jews and Muslims. If the Jews and if the Muslims really believed in the Prophets, they would have believed in the divine nature of Jesus.


What is the divinity of God?

Before seeking to know, what is God, (of which we know nothing), there is an aspect, which we do not take into account, because we do not see it. Why did Jesus define "God" as a "Father" in heaven? Could the Father, like the Son, be a metaphor on a material plane, meaning the corporeal and the incarnation? But, on a higher plane, the "Father" could be, - ENERGY-VIBRATION-LIGHT -, and to understand, a "Living God", in the incarnate "Son", the physical Jesus, being also on a higher plane, Pure Spirit.

One might think, that to facilitate understanding, Jesus referred to something identifiable in itself. He would have sought a way for everyone to go up from the visible to the invisible, in order to establish an intimate link with the Unfathomable. That is, "God". Indeed, if we think about it, is not the earthly father recognizable within the family?


Celestial Father

Well, by comparison, one could deduce from this, that the "Heavenly Father" was recognizable in "Jesus-Physical". Undoubtedly, the coming of Jesus contributes to a gradual evolution over time. Jesus is the first to bring the notion of baptism into the Holy Spirit. At the time, Jesus inseparable from a Pure Spirit was rejected, because he was seen only as a man visible and palpable on a physical level only. Currently, the same thing would happen because apart from the progress of science and modernization, there is no global spiritual evolution. There are always various tendencies and beliefs of all kinds and each one claims to hold its truth on the earthly plane only.

By analogy, this reveals the Father in heaven, the form adopted by Jesus, as the Son incarnating on Earth, "Living God", but without being God himself.


John, 5.45-47


But, here is Jesus, moved by the Spirit speaking to the Jewish scholars of the day. It’s crystal clear.

John, 5.45-47 : “ 45 Don’t think that I will accuse you to the Father. There is one who accuses you, even Moses, on whom you have set your hope.

46: For if you believed Moses, you would believe me; for he wrote about me.

47 Mais si vous ne croyez pas à ses écrits, comment croirez-vous à mes paroles ? « 


Divinity of Jesus

Let's dig a little deeper the divinity of jesus and not God, immeasurable, unfathomable and infinite, to identify on both sides an effective contradiction. Muslims cannot conceive of the union of two natures in Jesus, namely, the divine nature and the human nature. In this perspective, incomprehension sets in, doubt interferes, and reflection reaching its limits, immediately gave way to a systematic rejection. However, Muslim thought reveals the impossibility of everyone to glimpse another reality and another nature than his own on a material level. It is a fact, believers, they believe.

But, more often than not, belief conditions the individual and prevents him from seeking to know. Certainly, looking for "noon to fourteen o'clock" does not always bring a solution. But it would help nonetheless.

Almost every being has a divine parcel in him, latent, and dependent on various factors inherent in heredity first of all and in individual destiny. During earthly existence, this parcel or this divine contribution, grows or decreases gradually according to the way of life and according to thoughts, words, and deeds. More information in the book GOD OF ORIGIN.


Fluid observation

But, briefly, here is the result of an observation, hardly within everyone's reach, it is to be recognized. Detail, (p.200-201), excerpt from the book God Of Origin, Bookelis, (2021). According to Maurice Guinguand, an esotericist writer: " the spirit (to be taken) in the sense of "divine animation" descends into the fetus of the pregnant woman 222 days before birth .

According to the author, light would be in matter already. The divine nature would be in man. Here is another example: throughout his life man is constantly torn between a top and a bottom. Many indulge in the low level because it is the most accessible. Without a priori, we find in literate people, as in others versed in Spirituality, although the intellect aspires upwards, thoughts pulling downwards. In this way, the intellect predominates, depriving the individual of a higher contribution that would have allowed him to sense divinity or what is physically beyond him.


Muslim Thought

To return to Muslim thought, the impossibility of conceiving the union of two divine and human natures (without opposition) in Jesus, would testify to a rooting of thought, rather than an elevation of it. Nor does Judaism conceive of the union of two natures in Jesus. Now, the spirit is linked to matter and in principle in each being. So how much more in Jesus makes man. The case of Christ is unique. He incarnated the Word among men, women and grandchildren. Matthew 19:14 : «  Laissez les petits enfants venir à moi, et ne les empêchez point ; car le Royaume des cieux est pour ceux qui leur ressemblent « .


God's Son ?

Faced with this observation, one could still ask: who, in the history of Humanity, has had a destiny similar, even equal to and surpassing that of Jesus Christ. In fact, the question leads to reflection, so little, that the intellect, useful, does not dominate, to consider human nature, to a lesser degree, the real nature of Jesus. Indeed, with regard to the spirit animating Jesus-physical, how could one not consider the Character on a higher plane? At this stage, there would be a step to take, to apprehend the divine and to perceive the meaning to "Son of God".