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Author Puccio Book Biblical Exegesis God Of Origin. The goal ? Search for God. French version. In the beginning: “From Reincarnation to Resurrection”, (2005), “ Jesus Astral Resurrection , (2013), All about Jesus Christ , (2016)… PublicationEvent God Of Origin, (2021). I think we'll stop there.


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The interest of the Book God Origin published by Bookelis, is not to judge, whether or not the Bible is the word of God, it was mentioned, on the back cover. All the more so, since the exegetical level, far below the knowledge of current scholars, versed in the fields of Religion, is as much, in the fields of science. However, in its own way, the work could stand out. What for? Because heaven is the guide...

Indeed, whether it is wisdom or sacred texts, and biblical texts, historical events, plausible or implausible stories, unsuspected realities or iconic characters, everything makes sense, for the first time. The legend of Hiram, Chapter 13), is the prime example. Far from distorting reality, on the contrary, the results guarantee a precise chronology, which neither archeology nor history can dispute. A small preview ?

Yesteryear, sects, empires, dynasties were inspired by the sky, looking in the firmament for landmarks to explain their cosmogony. Comparatively, there is no trace or vestige of knowledge of the Hebrews. They only left what was subsequently transcribed into books or messages which can only be dated according to the historical probabilities contained in the "Book of Kings" (chap. 12, p. 377) . On the other hand, the Jews are still waiting for their Messiah, (Messiah). Isn't that a bit confusing, especially for a Christian?


What does the Catholic Church think of this?

At the end of 1965, the Twenty-first Council innovated sixteen texts, four constitutions, nine decrees, and three declarations, "Nostra Ætate" is one of them.

Let us quote the following excerpt: "The Church of Christ, in fact, recognizes that the first fruits of his faith and of his election are found, according to the divine mystery of salvation, in the patriarchs, Moses and the prophets. "This is why the Church cannot forget that she received the revelation of the Old Testament by this people with whom God ...".

On reading this (partial) statement, one would be able to wonder.

Do the fathers of the Catholic Church have their common sense?




DIEU ORIGINE - Bookelis - Puccio Pierre
PublicationEvent april 2021 - Puccio Pierre


I wrote, not because I know, but only to find out. I haven't figured out the reasons for life yet. No more than the unsuspected motivations of existence on earth. Moreover, the fate in the hereafter escapes me completely.

The positive point: I sense the usefulness of writings, sources of knowledge, from which everyone can draw as they please. Not to mention that a trace could possibly be discovered in an "to come ..."

Moreover, I have long searched for traces of our terrestrial and extraterrestrial origins. I have also attempted to delve into areas of the afterlife, drawing inspiration from the phenomena of appearances of the risen Christ and some instances of near-death experiences. But, lacking in certainty if not more than when I started out, I remain dissatisfied and absorbed in endless questioning.


Let us recall the thought of Aristotle:

"It's in our nature to always seek to know.".


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