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There is a mythist tendency that is proven to be non-exhaustive. Jesus Christ a myth? The followers of mythicism take pleasure in denying the existence of Jesus Christ._In these circles, the same documents of the time are relentlessly scrutinized, and some do not always mention the existence of Jesus, of course, at the expense of other documents attesting to his existence.


Acharya S
Convinced mythist dictating his knowledge!



The book: GOD OF ORIGIN, devotes the entire (chap. 19) - relevant link: Jesus myth hypothesis correcting in passing, the poorly enlightened statements of the followers. Ultimately, as for the coffee machine, Delta Q Qool Evolution, which we have presented, and for which, at first glance, little information makes it possible to differentiate, the capsule container, from a potential capsule charger, the famous mythist theses turn in loops! tending to prove that Jesus Christ never existed. No personal reflection ever takes place. For comparison, whether it is a lack of explanation, regarding the capsule reservoir of the coffee machine or the mythical current that we are currently discussing, the information circulating on the internet, in digital or paper versions, all come together, one copies the other and vice versa.

Regarding the mythist current, there are some variations, but in fact, each part contributes to divulge some truths drowned in an ocean of lies. Also, to separate things, or to distinguish the true from the false, it would have been necessary to study more, to consider beforehand, other ignored criteria, rather than to copy (stupidly) its neighbor, without trying to know.


Mythists refute the existence of Jesus

Let's get to the heart of the matter a little more seriously, because the comparison with the coffee machine may not have satisfied everyone. I understand. Since the nineteenth century, authors of all stripes, including two Anglo-Saxons have supported theses, at first sight well put together. They wanted to prove that Jesus Christ is a myth at the expense of the existence of the historical Jesus and also at the expense of the risen Christ. This "unique" case does not even challenge them. Among the great thinkers, there is a very serious case. This is "Kersey Graves" *, with (in my opinion) Shakespearean leanings. The author, "Kersey Graves," versed in Jehovism, declares (gravely) and euphorically his outrage, regarding the (supposed) divinity of Jesus. According to him, if Jesus is related to Jehovah, how could he depend on the gestation process?

Excerpt, "The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors": "Reader, observe some of the many childish incongruities and logical difficulties that this giant nonsense brings with it. He (Jesus) represents Almighty God as entering the world through the hands of a midwife, through the process of gestation and parturition. He insults our reason with the idea that the great and infinite Jehovah could be molded in human form… ”.

Kersey Graves was a skeptical, atheist, rationalist, spiritualist, and reformist writer who was popular on the American free-thought circuit of the late 19th century. Wikipedia.


Dorothy Milne Murdock : Acharya S

So, there is an abundant compilation of cleverly orchestrated texts, three quarters of which extrapolate the Truth, to deny the existence of Jesus. That's the point.

Critics seem to have equated Jesus Christ with the rank of man-gods, if we are to believe "Acharya S. « Acharya S » : “… An enormous volume of literature demonstrates time and time again, logically and intelligently, that Jesus Christ is a mythological character just like the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, Phoenician or Indian man-gods, who are all currently perceived as myths rather than historical figures ”.

It also proves that there is less and less faith and more and more unbelievers. Hence, demystifiers of all kinds. But, who could understand? Here is, in a few words, what will always surpass the mythical mind, however predisposed the intellect may be. Jesus is the culmination (in flesh and blood) of various myths, listed above thanks to "Acharya S." we come to that. It is true that one might be surprised to discover so many similarities between "Krishna and Jesus Christ". This is why, apart from prejudice, we will discover the true reasons. Likewise, one might be surprised to discover similarities, between Horus and Jesus Christ, between, Mithras and Jesus Christ. All in all, there are some striking similarities among all of these characters. Besides, there are many other mythical characters around the world.


Acharya S

The origins of Christianity

Before closing the subject, let us report an extract from the book GOD OF ORIGIN, (chap. 19), with, for introduction, a short extract from the book by Acharya S. ": “The character of Jesus is based on ancient myths and heroes…”..

"Dorothy Milne Murdock, better known by her pen names Acharya S and DM Murdock, was an American writer supporting the theory of the Christ myth that Jesus never existed ... " Wikipedia

Dorothy Milne Murdock : Jesus never existed
+Acharya S Peace to your soul+

Acharya S, was partly right. But for reasons different from his, we will add the following extract, taken from the book, GOD OF ORIGIN: "In truth, where they see only a pale arranged copy inspired by ancient myths, the unenlightened mythists, feed contradictory theses without mentioning the tip of the iceberg that they can neither anticipate nor perceive. Dear little people! you touch the Truth without reaching it ... This is what should be understood.

Jesus is not an invented character. Jesus is not a myth. In truth, Jesus is the culmination of various myths that came before him. The Word made flesh. It's him. The first embodying the divine. It's him.

Now all of you who have ears to hear! in India, Krishna is somewhat the direct forerunner of Jesus. And, in another way, Krishna is ... "


Bart Ehrman

In summary, we present one of the author's books Bart Ehrman "The construction of Jesus".

When one is diligently interested in the many mythical theses that sprout like mushrooms on fertile land previously cultivated, without landmarks, one might convince oneself that Jesus would be a myth.

For example, "Bart Ehrman", ex-Christian, specialist of the New Testament it seems. He reveals his talents through many books, including “The Construction of Jesus”. From my point of view, the book is dimly lit, repetitive, beating around the bush, not to mention that the author expresses certainties without any real basis. Fortunately, we don't all think alike! Otherwise, we would have a good chance of remaining stationary without any possible evolution.


Now, let's go back to our subject:

Origin of God