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Category Science and Religion PublicationEvent Puccio Pierre
GOD OF ORIGIN (April 2021) - Religion - Science. French Version.

BOOK DIEU D’ORIGINE, publication (April 2021) We can classify this book in the exegetical categories: Religion, Science, Catholicism, Theology with 1 +. Four years of work to write this book. Author : Puccio. Extensively documented book in 21 chapters, 530 pages, large format, (15.6 x 23.4). The themes are diverse and most follow a predefined course. The goal ? Look for the original God, of whom no one knows anything. Indeed, to affirm or deny its existence, we speak in vain about God, without ever making reference to heaven, his origin. - A big thank you to awsloley from Pixabay for the featured photo.